Rae Davis

Energy Practitioner
Rae invites interested participants to try an “Organic Palette Experience Now” (OPEN) with a focus on raising one’s self awareness through painting, body art, and bodywork. Open up to a new experience. Intuitive energy based Bodywork such as Reiki and Jin Shin, differs from massage therapy as it focuses on releasing blocked energy without manipulating muscles. Rae’s practice seeks to enhance clients quality of life by helping individuals focus their attention on positive imagery. Rae encourages participants to explore the correlation between body art, visualizations, positive energy and self awareness. Sessions might also include organic sounds, earth tones, colortherapy, and aromatherapy. Naturally occurring elements in the aforementioned modalities can assist in bringing about harmony. Namaste.

Benefits of Services:

  • Encourages a Relaxed State of Mind

Contact Information
Suite 111, Room #1